Product Development

The unique approach in WOUNDCOM is the use of molecules derived from human collagen VI and their combination with a biomembrane. Our product acts locally in a wound bed mimicking natural collagen VI upregulation in the healing process and avoids systemic exposure, paving the way for a favorable safety profile. Our compounds proved more effective in combating bacterial wound infections and with no cytotoxic side effects.

This unique solution creates a new category of wound care products and addresses a new market segment of interactive biomembranes on the global market.

Our solution can be used in acute as well as in chronic wounds. Faster and more efficient treatment of acute and chronic wounds implies several benefits for patients and medical professionals and will increase demand for WOUNDCOM in hospitals and clinics.

Moreover, as our invention has defined antibacterial effects against all bacteria tested so far, including multidrug resistant bacteria, it will combat multidrug resistance (listed by the WHO as one of the biggest threats to global health).

The development of the WOUNDCOM product is in line with United Nation’s third sustainable development goal – to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. By bringing to the market an effective and sustainable product that improves wound treatment, wound management will take an important step towards eliminating the risk of acquiring bacterial infections, combating multidrug resistance, reducing antibiotics use, thus increasing effectiveness of wound healing.