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Colzyx develops completely new and innovative wound care and antimicrobial products. We mirror the body´s own wound healing and rebuilding mechanisms in a new evolved way.

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Multidrug resistant bacteria are a global health problem. Infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria are an increasing global public health threat, emerging at an alarming rate. In this context, the ESKAPE ...


(WOUND COllagen Managment) Colzyx develops a novel innovative wound matrix, WOUNDCOM, where the company’s proprietary bioactive molecules are used a surface coating. ...


(BIological COllagen Managment) Here, molecules derived from Colzyx´ technology platform can be used as surface coating on implants. E.g. titanium or ceramic surfaces.


(COllagen Managment of BActerial infecTions) Here peptides with antimicrobial properties can be further developed where such peptides are derived from the from Innate Molecule Human Collagen VI.