There are several benefits associated with the WOUNDCOM product.

Patient ‐ benefits

Reduced pain and discomfort due to faster healing and recovery, more comfort to patients as WOUNDCOM dressing are changed less frequently as compared to current products.

Healthcare professionals – benefits

Decreased labor burden: less frequent wound dressing change, shorter hospitalization, lower risk of amputations, and lower risk of difficult-to-treat infections by
ESKAPE pathogens.

Healthcare providers – benefits

Reduced risk of infections and thus costs of the lengthy and difficult patient treatment, cost saving on shorter hospitalization time; reduced use of antibiotics which
leads to a reduction in the development of multidrug-resistant.

The development of the WOUNDCOM product will contribute to reach United Nation’s third sustainable development goal – to ensure healthy lives and promote well‐being for all at all ages. By bringing to the market a product that improves wound management Colzyx will take an important step towards eliminating the risk of acquiring bacterial infections, combatting multidrug resistance, reducing antibiotics use, thus increasing effectiveness of wound healing.

The use of WOUNDCOM will provide a cost-effective treatment where wounds are rapidly healed and the risk of bacterial infection is severely reduced. Taken together, this will be beneficial to the patients, the healthcare system and the labor market. Here, the patients will recover and got back to ordinarily life/work and additional resources are generated for the healthcare systems.