Most wounds heal uneventfully but, unfortunately, there are wounds that fail to and such wounds become chronic. Chronic wounds are a significant concern to around 200 million people worldwide. These wounds are a global problem that decreases patients’ quality of life and generates high medical costs. Novel wound care products addressing both rapid wound closure and combat of infections, are urgently needed.

The global wound care market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.7% between to 2025, mostly driven by the ageing population and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases that affect the healing process, such as diabetes. This market can be divided into several segments. WOUNDCOM is applicable to four: Antimicrobial dressings – 11%, Film dressings – 3.5%, Growth factors – 3.4%, and bioengineered skin – 2.9%. These make up a total of 20.8% of the global wound care market with available market for our product of 3.8 BUSD.