As an offspring to the Woundcom project, i.e., a wound dressing for humans, VetCol+ was developed. If humans can benefit from an enhanced tissue repair and reduced risk of wound infections, so can animals!

Two documented case studies have been performed on horses. In both cases the horse had full thickness wounds on the forelimb.

In the first case an Icelandic horse had severely injured its forelimb presenting a highly exudating 10 x 15 cm wound with visible bone. No improvement was observed after 10 days of standard of care treatment. After one application of Woundcom the wound showed minimal exudation and after two applications the bone was barely visible. One month after initiating the use of VetCol+ the injury was fully closed, and the wound was fully granulated with a healthy epithelializing edge. No extensive production of proud flesh was observed. A further fortnight later (two months from injury) the wound showed continuing epithelization and after five months from injury the wound was healed leaving only a minor scar.

The second case was an Olderburg mare injured from kicking a glass door. Three full thickness wounds on the mare were treated with Woundcom, one larger and two minor. After three applications of VetCol+ for 19 days the small wounds were closed and epithelised, and the larger wound showed progressive closure. It was noted that after just one application of VetCol+ the wounds stopped exudating. No excessive proud flesh was observed.


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